Refashioned Maternity Pants

Because I refuse to buy maternity wear and I am wearing the same few pieces of bottoms, I decided to try out another maternity wardrobe hack. One of which is a simple tutorial on turning a regular jeans to a maternity one. I don’t have a pair of jeans but I do have a pair of pants that I am willing to cut up. I had planned to try this other tutorial by realised that my pants didn’t have a pocket to cut up haha. I could have modified it a little bit but I’m too lazy to think.

I used a 4″ wide black elastic and opened up 2″ on each side of the side seams (including allowance). Now my pants fits so comfortably!

This pants would probably also come in handy post-partum before I am able to fit into any of my post 1-baby clothes. I’m not even looking at pre-pregnancy sizing!


Scarf Sandals

We are back from 2 trips and there are lots to share! While I get everything else sorted, I can’t wait to share this really simple non-garment DIY which I made for our trip to the Maldives. I have been wanting to own a pair of scarf sandals and I figured that it wouldn’t be difficult to DIY.

I did a bit of pinterest-ing and I found this tutorial which I followed.

This is easily a recycled project except that mine isn’t recycled per se as I used a piece of brand new scarf that I scored at Target. It was on sale, extremely soft to touch and I thought it would be perfect for the scarf scandals. I did have an old scarf in mind for this project but preferred the print of the new one. I also made this in 10 minutes in between 2 trips while unpacking and packing!

Infinity scarves

My WARdrobe is like a warzone. It is in the messiest state ever and nope, I’m not going to show a picture of it. I have accumulated and cleared, and accumulated more clothes since I was 17. 6 years have past so you can imagine how many cycles of clearing I’ve gone through. This time round, I want to make space for more handmade clothes, so I have to part with the out-dated non-handmade ones. While clearing, I found some shawls which I went crazy over during my teens, which were so obiang, and some I bought from Nepal last December. Since I’m way past the shawl-stage (I’m more into cardigans now), I decided convert them into chic infinity scarves. It’s rather an easy task since all I did was to trim off the fringe and french seam the opening. Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking has a fully illustrated tutorial here.