February: Sewing for the Husband

I might have to realign my sewing goal for the first half of the year. At this rate that I’m going I might not sew any shift dress after all! I really am not sure of the direction I am going but the workshop is definitely kept busy. I have been sewing for the home, a couple of maternity wear and a few stuff for the little humans.

Anyhows, I spent the month of February working on the husband’s birthday present plus extremely belated wedding anniversary present. So they say that the traditional gift for 2nd wedding anniversary is cotton. And I had planned to try making a shirt for him. I used Jakob from Burda, followed the instructions on which size to cut but it still turned out pretty off. It looked a lot better as a shirt dress for me!


His cotton gift was left hanging in the air just like that. I didn’t know what took me so long to think about making an apron for him. It can be made from cotton and he loves to cook (we cook a lot)! I did a quick search for a horribly easy apron pattern and found this tutorial. It took me about 1.5 hours to complete it. The instructions are easy to follow and no serger is needed. You are essentially sewing with straight lines.

I haven’t had time to photograph the husband in his new apron. He tested it once to make sure it fits and requested to save it for the new house. Legit request! Now I am tempted to sew a matching apron for myself!