Me Made May 16: Week 4

I must admit that the final  week of MMMay 16 was difficult. What I could wear in week 1 can fit me no more! Some repeats of staple and new additions. 

Day 22: Another 3-hole dress in a beautiful fabric from Berlin. I wore this to a wedding dinner.
Day 23: Peplum blouse in Nani Iro

Day 24: V-neck tank in Atelier Brunette  and maternity pencil skirt 

Day 25: Refashioned maternity pants

Day 27: Perfect for lacey days blouse and elastic waist band skirt 

Day 28: Aprils in Paris skirt. This is another favourite combination, basically anything with stripes. Haha. I didn’t thought I could still fit into this and wished that I had worn this earlier!

So what about Day 29-31? I did wear me-made but accessories. Photo evidence? Too tired from work, too busy with work to snap photos of my earrings. I will try harder next year!!!


Me Made May 16: Week 3

Now that we have moved back from my in-laws, I have returned to the convenience of having everything in my own home. However, we are also slowly preparing for the move to our new place! It’s a really exciting phase and we can’t wait to finally have our own space. With that said, I will be starting to pack up some of my sewing supplies. I don’t foresee myself sewing big projects with a baby, toddler and the house to handle. However I will be definitely sewing little projects for the new home. Stay tuned for that!

Here’s my update for MMMay’16 Week 3:

Day 15: V-neck tank in Atelier Brunette. Another favourite breathable fabric!
Day 16: Curtain shift dress, which is also the last time I could fit into this. I should have brought this out a little earlier.

Day 17: Navy lace cheongsam blouse. I love this is so luxe and roomy as well, perfect for a formal event. I wore this for my school’s photoshoot. 
Day 18: Refashioned maternity pants

Day 19: Happy Birthday Dress as a dress. Shift dresses are definitely a favourite to wear pre-, during, post-baby!

Day 20: Jakob from Burdstyle. Yes, wearing men’s wear.

Day 21: Patternless smocked coverup as tube top 

Me Made May 16: Week 2

Pardon me as this little space is not as updated as I would love too. I’m slowly trying to get back my sewing mojo post confinement amidst managing a baby and a toddler. Sounds like I have plenty on my plate?  A little but I will manage! I have also been updating more often over at 2mamas4kids as I try to spend more time with C. Head over to take a look at what my blog partner and I have been up to! Anyhows, here’s my update for MMMay’16 Week 2.

Day 8: Perfect for lacey days blouse
Day 9: Happy Birthday dress as a top

Day 10: Pencil Skirt! 

Day 11: Anda Cheongsam. This is another favourite of mine, so roomy so comfy

Day 12: Bring back the peplum blouse in Nani Iro and the pencil skirt. I also love to wear this post-baby. The peplum allows me to cover my baby while breastfeeding! Many wins!

Day 13: Me-made two-leaf earring, inspired by Kate Middleton’s

Day 14: Frilly Sorbetto tunic in Liberty cotton which is SO breathable. Perfect for the heat flashes during the third trimester. 

Me Made May 16: Week 1

And so for this year’s MMMay, I pledged to wear a me-made/refashioned item or accessories during Week 27-30 of my pregnancy. Here’s a round up for Week 1:

Day 1: Jersey Pencil Skirt. No I did not make the stripe tee but this is one of my favourite outfit!

Day 2: Furry Baroque-esque Blouse

Day 3: Emerald Green 3-hole Dress

Day 4: Snow White Casual V-neck Blouse 

Day 5: Elastic Waist Rectangle Skirt

Day 6: Re-wearing the pencil skirt (already). This is a staple, the most comfortable staple!

Day 7: Pattern-less Elastic Waist Skirt in Atelier Brunette957B2B63-B8E3-41F6-B802-EF9D0C79D14C


It was pretty fun in Week 1 because I had not ran out of combinations (though I repeated the pencil skirt) and I can still fit in most clothes. More updates for the subsequent weeks coming soon!

Me Made May 2016: Maternity

After participating in Me Made May last year and feeling pretty much empowered wearing more me-made stuff, how can I not participate in 2016’s? Me Made May 2016 will take on to another level because I will doing a maternity series. Since I am due in May, I have also pre-planned my me-made outfits during Week 27-30 of my pregnancy, rather than the actual month of May itself. Yup so a me-made-may maternity it is! 

‘I, Tiffany of http://www.sewwhatt.wordpress.con, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear a me-made/refashioned item or accessories during Week 27-30 of my pregnancy, rather than the actual month of May.’


MeMadeMay15: A Summary

Oh yea! I got through Me-Made-May 2015! It was sure a really fun month, planning outfits around me made items. Here’s a quick summary of what I wore:

Here’s also my thoughts and takeaways from MMM:

1. I wear/have a lot of stripes!

2. I also have a lot of clothes in shades of blue, especially navy.

3. It gives me a clearer idea of what my wardrobe has and what else is lacking. I am really lacking in basics, which is my sewing goal for this year. I have made a couple of skirts and a blouse, so I’m continuing to add on staple pieces for the rest of the year.

3. I realized I need a lot more tops and blouses, mainly to go with my pants and other bottoms that are not me-made. These pants are just more convenient on weekends when we bring our little friend out.

4. I miss wearing dresses! I didn’t quite bother with making nursing friendly dresses and didn’t bother to buy any as well. I hope I will have time to do something about it while I am still nursing.

5. I hope to be able to do a me-made-everyday one day! It doesn’t have to be an entirely me-made outfit.

Me Made May 15: Week 3 and 4

Week 3 of MMM was a semi Anda week, with me wearing Anda three days in a row! The Anda that I sew with is modified from my own bodice block which fit a lot better than the original from Burdastyle. I think I have written countless of times how much I love to make and wear Anda. If only I can fill my entire wardrobe with it. And guess what? It has been 3 weeks and there are no repeat so far! Hurray for that 🙂 Then comes Week 4 and I fell ill, so I only went to work for 2 out of the 5 weekdays. Major boo! So there you have the last 2 weeks of MMM!

Day 11: Curtain Shift Dress

Day 12: Anda-cheongsam, which lasted me well through pregnancy

Day 13: Little Birdie Anda

Day 14: Pretty in Pink as a top

Day 15: Massimo Dutti Wannabe Lace Skirt

Day 18: Repeating the navy pencil skirt with my favourite stripes

Day 20: Repeating Aprils in Paris skirt