Me Made Holiday: Maldives, A Sun-Sand-Sea-Sweetheart Getaway 

The husband and I took some time off at  Maldives to recuperate and recharge individually and as a couple. It is also a semi belated  anniversary trip. I have already retired most of my me-made beach wear from pre-baby days and it’s time to make new ones! Time is so precious (our little friend takes shorter naps and sleeps later now) so I needed really simple DIYs that can be completed in at most 2 afternoons per item. They also need to be practical so that I can still wear them on other occasions.

So I spent the month of November working on these: a kimono cover up, a kaftan cover up, a 3 hole dress, and a smocked tube dress. I also used a scarf and refashioned an old sandals.

Day 0: Me-made shell earrings

Day 1: Rectangle elastic waist skirt to tour around Male

Day 2: Kaftan coverup,


and basic V neck tank which was perfect after getting mildly sunburnt.


Day 3: Black smocked dress to minimize friction at the shoulders and kimono coverup to shield from the sun.

Day 4: Snow White Tank and scarf sandals as we transit to and explore the resort


Day 5: 3-hole dress

Day 6: Snow White Blouse and another pair me-made earrings for the flight home

If you are planning for a beach vacation and intend to get somewhat sun burnt, do remember to pack clothes that are made with extra soft material so that it reduces the agony as your clothes rubs against the burnt skin 🙂


Me-Made-Holiday: South West Australia

There has been different needs for all my travel wardrobe. For my very first attempt in 2014 to Europe, I was pregnant and I had to be kept warm, supposedly. Then was Bali, dealing with a post partum body. Followed by Japan, where I need to breastfeed and fulfill other mama’s duties. Now comes another when I am pregnant, with mama’s duties to fulfill and braving a possible 4 seasons in a day. I really want to travel light because I forsee that we might shop a little bit for our little friend like toys and such. Truth to be told, I played cheat on some days with the infinity scarf, refashioned maternity leggings and me-made earrings, especially when I ran out of possible combinations that are suitable for the weather.

Day 0/1: Maternity leggings (and a knit tunic) for the plane ride and hanging out at our friend’s


Day 2: Navy Rectangle Skirt (with my favorite striped top) to Penguin Island

Day 3: Furry baroque-eque blouse (and jeggings)


Day 4: Maternity leggings (and a grey baby doll tunic)

Also changed into swimwear and baroque-esque blouse as a cover up for an afternoon at the beach

Day 5: Lacey days nude blouse (with jeggings)

Day 6: Maternity leggings (and a knit tunic with cardigan)

Day 7: Maternity leggings, frilly sorbetto tunic and infinity scarf

Day 8: Infinity scarf (with one of my favourite ensemble). It was really cold!

Day 9: Lacey Blouse and Navy rectangle skirt

Day 10: Frilly Sorbetto Blouse (and jeggings)

Day 11: Me-made earrings (with navy knit tunic and jeggings: very cheater bug I know) 

Day 12: Wicked Skirt (with striped tee and cardigan) for the flight home. I left this skirt till the last day because the weather was simply too cold and the winds too strong!

Looks like it’s pretty much a black, white navy palette with a tinge of pink. I definitely can’t wait for the next adventure as a family of 4! To more family trips and me-made holiday and beyond!



Me Made Holiday: Keihoku-Kyoto-Osaka, Japan

I had lots of fun last month in MeMadeMay and I decided to extend it to Me Made Holiday for my Japan trip in June. I had done 2 Me Made Holiday for my previous holidays, and I thought why not try again! The greatest concern for a Me Made Holiday is the temperature of our holiday destination. So far, it has been rather friendly or familiar to my me-made closet. Packing for this trip is a little tricker for various reasons:
– I need to wear separates because I am going to be breastfeeding her
– Clothes to be baby friendly: colour, style etc
– I want to pack light
– As me-made as possible

As weather seems to be fluctuating between 17degC (in the mountains) to 29degC (in the city), I decided to pack my usuals, a parka for rainy days and a cardigan for cooler days (if I need to keep myself warm). All in all, I brought along 5 tops, 2 skirts, 1 pants, 1 leggings, 2 outerwear. Out of these combinations, thre are 3 blouses and 2 skirts that are me-made.

Day 1: Favourite nude blouse, something comfortable for a long day of traveling and loose for breastfeeding.
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


Day 2: I made a new blouse as my June project, to go with leggings for trekking and exploring Keihoku and Miyama. I will share on this soon.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Day 3: Massimo Dutti Inspired  Lace Skirt. Something more airy for the warmer weather as we travel from Keihoku to Kyoto and visit the Ginkakuji-Philosopher’s Walk.



Day 4: Rewore the blouse to go with pants for Kinkakuji, Nijio Castle, (fabric) shopping in Kyoto downtown on a rather chilly day in the afternoon. No photos because it got lost somewhere during the teansfering from phone and such. You need to imagine the combination.


Day 5: Batik Pencil Skirt to Fushimi Inari.


Day 6: Nude blouse and Batik Pencil Skirt for Arashiyama and traveling to Osaka.

Day 7: All black, lace on lace ensemble for Kaiyoukan and shopping in Osaka downtown – Fury Baroque-esque Blouse and Massimo Dutti inspired lace skirt.

Day 8: Batik Pencil Skirt again for Dontonburi and Home Sweet Home. Pardon the creases. We did our laundry but there was no iron.


Me made outfit combination is really addictive. It spurs me on to wanting to sew more so that I have a me-made item to wear everyday! Time is really the factor that doesn’t allow me to sew. There is simply many other things to do, especially with a baby. One stitch at a time mummy!

Me Made Holiday, Bali

I’ve attempted yet another me made holiday and this time round it was slightly more achievable. Bali and Singapore are slightly similar in climate and there was nothing that fanciful in our itinerary that requires fanciful wear. It was a just-chill-and-do-nothing holiday. This made me holiday includes everyday outfits with at least one piece of garment that is made by yours truly.



So Day 1, Anda in Sing Out Loud from the Noteworthy collection by Sweetwater for Moda, and denim skirt to explore the village of Payogan, where our airbnb was, all the way to Campuhan Ridge and down to Ubud Centre. It was comfortable enough for an extremely hot and sunny day.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Day 2, swimwear from Reyswimwear with my smocked tube top from last June, this time round worn as a coverup for white water rafting. It was so fun! We were so thankful that our airbnb host managed to get us a deal at 350000 IDR which is almost half of what we researched online at USD70 and above.


Day 3, white blouse with Champs de Mars skirt to explore the (lack of) beaches in Bali. This is one of my favourite outfits of the trip! The day ended with an awesome seafood meal at Jimbaran. That, saved the day.



Day 4, sample 2 of my wedding dress in a navy floral print to explore Semiyak. Fabric was from Hanoi. This is one of my favourite dresses to wear. I also changed into my 3-hole dress for dinner at Metis at night. It’s the second one I’ve made, with silk cotton, in the shade of emerald, colour of the year, in 2013.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Day 5, I actually ran out of clothes to wear! So I rewore my skirt and matched it with a grey knit top for our flight back home.

Bali wasn’t as fantastic as I expected but the time spent at Ubud and relaxing at our villa in Semiyak made up for everything!

Me Made Holiday!

It was tough packing for my summer holidays this time round. I need to pack light (just in case luggage overweight for the return leg like my previous trip), and I have limited wardrobe selection for my all-rounded body. I packed some dresses, leggings, various outwear (cardigan, jacket, sweater) all prepared for a 10°C-20°C. Lo and behold, it was above 20°C most of time, and even rose as high to 35°C, so there goes the chance to layer and I had to repeat my clothes as they are. Nonetheless, I managed a me-made-holiday wardrobe this time round and here are they (some of which are featured for the first time)!


IMG_1548 Happy Birthday Dress as a top and my alibaba pants for the flight and Day 1. I wore the dress as a dress subsequently in Berlin. Please pardon the stoned face and oily hair as this was taken after 10 over hours of flight and 3hrs of driving.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset I made a last minute smocked beach wear using a fabric I bought in Vietnam. Paired with the same alibaba pants because it was too short to be a dress.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe same smocked tube top paired with leggings for canoeing in Spreewald. Tube top and leggings because I do not want ugly tan lines.


  Frilly Sorbetto Tunic is made as part of my first MDO (mother-daughter outfit). For the adult version, I improvised the sorbetto’s panel to be added as a ruffle/frill down the center front. I wore the same outfit, but with an infinity scarf instead of a denim jacket for shopping and Britzer Garten in Berlin.


IMG_1985 This is what the husband calls the “curtain dress” because of the prints, which is based on an ancient print. The dress takes on a simple shift dress pattern – a favourite pattern whenever I have a pretty fabric to work with. It is serving me well, just that it’s just a tad too short for teaching now. Definitely another favourite!


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Pretty in Pink which is my first Anda, one of my favourite pattern and even more so now.


IMG_1829Denim cheongsam, which is also essentially an Anda, paired with my new shoes from Dubrovnik. They are from Guliver, handmade, full leather.