A Tartan Cheongsam

Hello fellow sewing comrades, I am back in action after the longest hiatus! 2016 was spent being pregnant, caring for the new born and shifting to our current place. Fabrics were left on the work station and eventually packed and stored in the cupboard. New outfit for Chinese New Year was the largest motivator this time round.

Since daddy has a tartan-plaid kind of shirt, I thought we could all be matchy matchy. The fabric which I bought from Nomura Tailor in Kyoto came in useful!  And apparently it is very difficult to find nice tartan. I know because I ran out of fabric (for J’s pants) and combed through spotlight and Chinatown to no avail! I started a little too late on our outfits this year so I didn’t have time to finish up J’s pants. I hope to make J something real soon!


Back to the dress, my dress is modified from the nursing dress pattern that I drafted, which I realized that I never got to share the pattern tutorial. I am tidying up the post and will be sharing real soon! I extended 5cm at the hem which I joined to the end of the dart on the bodice for a little flare.

Besides the tartan print, my favourite part of the dress is the black lace trim, which I was trying to destash. I think I got it from Troyes.



C’s dress is drafted from a pattern book that I photocopied from my sewing teacher and I added the mandarin collar for the occasion. She also had matching cotton crotchet trim for a softer look.



Now that I have overcame the inertia, I hope to continue to sew this year. For the obvious reasons: wardrobe crisis! I still have clothes, just that I need a little more variety because I have retired many while I was packing for the move. I hope to be able to sew 3 dresses (1 down, 2 more to go), 3 tops and 3 bottoms for myself this coming year. If time permits, I hope to squeeze in some clothes for my little humans too! And of course, destash!


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