Me Made May 16: Week 4

I must admit that the final  week of MMMay 16 was difficult. What I could wear in week 1 can fit me no more! Some repeats of staple and new additions. 

Day 22: Another 3-hole dress in a beautiful fabric from Berlin. I wore this to a wedding dinner.
Day 23: Peplum blouse in Nani Iro

Day 24: V-neck tank in Atelier Brunette  and maternity pencil skirt 

Day 25: Refashioned maternity pants

Day 27: Perfect for lacey days blouse and elastic waist band skirt 

Day 28: Aprils in Paris skirt. This is another favourite combination, basically anything with stripes. Haha. I didn’t thought I could still fit into this and wished that I had worn this earlier!

So what about Day 29-31? I did wear me-made but accessories. Photo evidence? Too tired from work, too busy with work to snap photos of my earrings. I will try harder next year!!!


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