Me Made May 16: Week 3

Now that we have moved back from my in-laws, I have returned to the convenience of having everything in my own home. However, we are also slowly preparing for the move to our new place! It’s a really exciting phase and we can’t wait to finally have our own space. With that said, I will be starting to pack up some of my sewing supplies. I don’t foresee myself sewing big projects with a baby, toddler and the house to handle. However I will be definitely sewing little projects for the new home. Stay tuned for that!

Here’s my update for MMMay’16 Week 3:

Day 15: V-neck tank in Atelier Brunette. Another favourite breathable fabric!
Day 16: Curtain shift dress, which is also the last time I could fit into this. I should have brought this out a little earlier.

Day 17: Navy lace cheongsam blouse. I love this is so luxe and roomy as well, perfect for a formal event. I wore this for my school’s photoshoot. 
Day 18: Refashioned maternity pants

Day 19: Happy Birthday Dress as a dress. Shift dresses are definitely a favourite to wear pre-, during, post-baby!

Day 20: Jakob from Burdstyle. Yes, wearing men’s wear.

Day 21: Patternless smocked coverup as tube top 


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