Me Made May 16: Week 2

Pardon me as this little space is not as updated as I would love too. I’m slowly trying to get back my sewing mojo post confinement amidst managing a baby and a toddler. Sounds like I have plenty on my plate?  A little but I will manage! I have also been updating more often over at 2mamas4kids as I try to spend more time with C. Head over to take a look at what my blog partner and I have been up to! Anyhows, here’s my update for MMMay’16 Week 2.

Day 8: Perfect for lacey days blouse
Day 9: Happy Birthday dress as a top

Day 10: Pencil Skirt! 

Day 11: Anda Cheongsam. This is another favourite of mine, so roomy so comfy

Day 12: Bring back the peplum blouse in Nani Iro and the pencil skirt. I also love to wear this post-baby. The peplum allows me to cover my baby while breastfeeding! Many wins!

Day 13: Me-made two-leaf earring, inspired by Kate Middleton’s

Day 14: Frilly Sorbetto tunic in Liberty cotton which is SO breathable. Perfect for the heat flashes during the third trimester. 


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