March: The Jakob Shirt Dress 

This is the shirt that I intended to sew for the husband for our 2nd anniversary. After I put the main pieces together and fitted it on the husband, we found that it was way too huge and the fit just wasn’t right. Then I decided to put it on and hey! it looks pretty good as a shirt dress!

Now that we decided that Jakob looks better as a shirt dress for me, I still need to finish it up. So I ditched the collar and the sleeves, and neatened the neckline and arm hole with bias tape. The only problem I face now is that the arm hole is just a little too big, so I have to wear a tank inside.

Buttons are from……..Old Airport Market (I think). I bought them in 2012 and thought they resemble Chanel’s camellias and some random butterflies.

Best of all, this shirt dress now fits perfectly as a maternity wear! Hiphiphurray!

Besides tidying up this shirt dress somewhere end Feb/during March, I also made a peplum maternity blouse which is my current favourite thing to wear! 

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