An Eucalyptus Scented Farm

It has been some time since we had a bin to play with. We used to have our bin time in the kitchen to make cleaning up easier. However, Mocha has taken over the kitchen space. We have also been exploring with play doughs which are easier to bring over to the grandparents’ as it is less messy. Anyhows this was a couple of months back when C has not well.

I put together a farm, inspired by her favorite book then, used some oats as the base (the same ones from the apple tree farm), borrowed some hay from Mocha and threw in the farm animals which were from Fisher Price’s Little People series. I also dripped a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to help C with managing the fever and blocked nose.

She has since been more acquainted with the farm animals, especially the cow and rabbit.


Since the bin was set up in the living room, I laid a towel to help with the cleaning up. After C was done with the bin, we packed the animals and I wrapped up the towel with the spilled oats and grass before settling her for a nap. All I had to clean later was the towel. Easy! Now I need to find a larger towel for our sensory plays.

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