SW Australia Day 9-10: Balingup

Balingup was planned as a break from Denmark back to Perth, as we didn’t want to cover the same places again. We decided to head towards inland and just relax at Balingup.

On our way to Balingup from Denmark, we dropped by the Tree Top Walk, which was an amazing experience! It was really calming to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature 40m above ground. C enjoyed her walk despite the height. The photos were unfortunately lost in transit between phone and the computer.

As soon as we checked in our accommodation at Balingup, we were recommended by our hosts to get some fresh produce from Newy’s Vegie Patch if we intended to cook during our stay. It was about a 15 minutes drive and we got a ourselves a basket full of produce to last us for 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners: veggies, fruits, meat, pasta etc.

C settled down pretty quickly and enjoyed the toys that were kindly provided by our host. They did keep C entertained at home throughout our stay.  

The accommodation also boasts of 5 alpacas and a little farm/garden. Our host kindly invited us to help pick the raspberries which were so fresh and sweet!

As most eateries at Balingup do not open for dinners, we decided to cook. We had steak, carrots, potatos and a whole lot of fresh strawberries and cherries, while C had salmon and potato mash.


The next morning, C helped Daddy with picking some basil for breakfast. We had sausages, eggs, bread, bruschetta, coffee and tea. Simple fare but so good! 

Our itinerary at Balingup is extremely relaxing. We visited the Lavender Farm (which I have been looking forward to) and dropped by Bridgetown because it looks busy enough as we drove past on the first day. I read that there are a whole lot of other nature-based activities that you can embark at Balingup but we really just wanted to recuperate from all these traveling, so we are taking it real easy during this leg of the trip.

The lavender farm is of a rather humble size but it has a gift shop well stocked with all things homemade and lavender: soap, oils, culinary, diffuser etc. We also enjoy the lavender cookies and ice cream! 

Before we left, the owner gifted us bunch of FRESH lavender (which the husband had intended to buy for me). Bonus! I think that’s because we bought A LOT of things from the gift shop. Ha!

After the farm, we had lunch at Bridgetown and shopped along the main street. I particularly enjoy the vibe of this quaint little town, with lots of small local establishments. Best of all, there is a fabric shop! Who would expect a fabric shop in a small town?

We headed back early and did nothing, but to enjoy the view and sounds of nature at the verandah.

The husband had fun with the dogs,

while C had her first dandelion experience.

We cooked dinner: ravioli and baked portobello with salad greens and cherries. We packed our luggages, retreated early to gear ourselves for the long drive back to Perth!

Balingup is a really easy and relaxing leg of the trip and we are definitely planning to return back to explore more (when we visit WA again).

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