A (Maternity) Peplum Blouse and a Little Skirt

Wearing me-made maternity clothes definitely up the win factor every single morning, knowing you have something nice to wear. I would prefer to make something that I can wear in this all-rounded body and post partum as well. I have been wanting to make a peplum blouse and was pretty much inspired by this tutorial from cottonandcurls.

I used a floral piece of Nani Iro from their 2014? collection which I bought in Japan last year. I am loving the metallic sheen woven in the fabric! It is also a double gauze, which is also perfect for the weather in Singapore, especially with the heat flushes that comes along in the third trimester.


What did I do differently from the tutorial?
1. I used my bodice block which ends nicely at the waist instead of an existing blouse that I have, and added the peplum waist down.

2. I wrapped the fabric around my waist (fabric is 42 inches wide, which barely covers the pregnant belly) and figured that I would need 2 times the width for the peplum.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.12.16 am
3. Length of peplum was about 30cm

4. I added about 10cm to the waist for some comfort using this method.
I also used a beige polka dot biase tape to neaten the armhole and neckline. It definitely up the cute factor.

This peplum blouse was a real quick project, completed in 3 nights. I drafted the pattern and cut the fabric on the first, traced and sewed up the pieces on the second, installed the zip and added the bias tape and all on the last. So tempted to make another one! I am definitely enjoying the ease at the waist and the new floral addition to my wardrobe. Floral prints make me happy!

What makes me even happier is that I managed to sew a little skirt for C using the eleastic waist tutorial. I will make a million of these! So quick and simple!

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