SW Australia Day 6-8: Denmark and Albany

This is the furthest and longest leg (in terms of traveling on the road) of the trip. We left Yallingup mid-morning, made a pitstop at Pemberton after 2 hours and finally reached Denmark after another 2 hours.

There’s nothing much at Pemberton and we only dropped by the main town.



It was pretty unfortunate that the weather wasn’t kind to us at all. NOT AT ALL! It rained, drizzled over 2 days and was extremely cold for us to spend time at the beach. Denmark is the place we had planned for some solid good beach times.

We stayed at a very cosy house with a lovely host. We have the whole ground floor to ourselves even though our hosts is residing upstairs. She is always available when we need help and other times we are pretty much to ourselves. She has a small collection of DVDs and books for us to enjoy. C made herself at home immediately.

There is a small front yard where C enjoyed spending time playing with flowers. This was her morning ritual the whole time we were there. 

We spent our first day at Denmark grocery shopping in preparation for the next day till we hit the farmer’s market on Day 8 and reconfigure our plans for wet weather programme. It was so cold that our airbnb host had to start a fire for us! 


Day 7: Denmark

The weather continued to be  cold and gloomy so the beach is definitely out of the plan. Can you imagine how perfect Green Pools would be?

We took our time in the morning and decided to head to the Visitor’s Centre for better indoor suggestions. I really love this board that informs you of all the eateries’ availability for each meal. Because Denmark is a small cosy town, not all eateries are open for dinner.

Since it is pretty much going to drizzle the whole day, we decided to explore the town area and shop. We particularly enjoyed the antique shop and a wooden toy shop where we bought a few toy sets for C. Sorry no photos because I was too sian to capture anything. We also had lunch at Mrs Jone’s Cafe. Simple but really amazing fare. We had a late breakfast and needed somewhere to get away from the cold so it was cake, muffin, wrap and a smoothie(not pictured) for us.  

The cafe also has a toy box to keep little humans entertained. 

We popped by Bartholomews Meadery for some honey and ice cream treats.

There’s a small window in the shop front where you can see the bees and the hives and comb etc. Ice cream was good!

We passed by this huge play ground earlier in the day and decided to let C run a bit while we have our take away dinner. Seafood Platter and sweet potato fries from Mad Fish and Chips was really good stuff!

This is the section for older kids. 

They also have a smaller section for younger children. Sandpit, a simple slide, stairs tunnel, tic tac toe and a mini excavator ride.


Coffee from Ravens was also good. I got myself a cup to keep my hands warm. ha! 

Day 8: Albany

Albany is an absolutely beautiful coastal town (from what I remembered when I visited at 12) but the weather doesn’t permit us to enjoy fully. We had planned to visit a berry farm on our way to Albany, checked the opening days/times from their brochure but were very disappointed to find them closed till mid December. No berry picking 😦 If you are planning to visit any berry farms, call to check if they are open!

First stop at Albany was the Farmer’s Market. Small but well stocked. We bought some vegetables, bread, coffee and really really fresh milk.

We had also planned to visit the Discovery Bay but it was raining so we went shopping at Kmart. After lunch, we also dropped by The Gap (which was closed) and The Natural Bridge, a granite formation caused by the gradual weathering and erosion by the Great Southern Ocean.

We drove around and visited the Wind Farm too. Pretty massive and amazing.  

We were very thankful that C was so cooperative even though there weren’t much to see. On our way back to Denmark, we went to hunt for Kwoorabup Community Adventure Park. It is a nature-based playground where there are no slides and swings, just elements from nature like soil, timber, sand, leaves, etc. The husband and I really loved this concept of the playground and we were glad that we came. C sure enjoyed herself. She climbed over tree trunks, touched some dirt and had lots of space to run.

It was a tad disappointing that we didn’t get to explore much due to the weather, especially when we drove all the way down south. Even our host mentioned that she had to dig out her winter wear and such weather is unusual during summer. At least our luggage were full from all the shopping at Kmart. With shopping done at Albany, it frees us some time to do a little more at Perth.

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