Me-Made-Holiday: South West Australia

There has been different needs for all my travel wardrobe. For my very first attempt in 2014 to Europe, I was pregnant and I had to be kept warm, supposedly. Then was Bali, dealing with a post partum body. Followed by Japan, where I need to breastfeed and fulfill other mama’s duties. Now comes another when I am pregnant, with mama’s duties to fulfill and braving a possible 4 seasons in a day. I really want to travel light because I forsee that we might shop a little bit for our little friend like toys and such. Truth to be told, I played cheat on some days with the infinity scarf, refashioned maternity leggings and me-made earrings, especially when I ran out of possible combinations that are suitable for the weather.

Day 0/1: Maternity leggings (and a knit tunic) for the plane ride and hanging out at our friend’s


Day 2: Navy Rectangle Skirt (with my favorite striped top) to Penguin Island

Day 3: Furry baroque-eque blouse (and jeggings)


Day 4: Maternity leggings (and a grey baby doll tunic)

Also changed into swimwear and baroque-esque blouse as a cover up for an afternoon at the beach

Day 5: Lacey days nude blouse (with jeggings)

Day 6: Maternity leggings (and a knit tunic with cardigan)

Day 7: Maternity leggings, frilly sorbetto tunic and infinity scarf

Day 8: Infinity scarf (with one of my favourite ensemble). It was really cold!

Day 9: Lacey Blouse and Navy rectangle skirt

Day 10: Frilly Sorbetto Blouse (and jeggings)

Day 11: Me-made earrings (with navy knit tunic and jeggings: very cheater bug I know) 

Day 12: Wicked Skirt (with striped tee and cardigan) for the flight home. I left this skirt till the last day because the weather was simply too cold and the winds too strong!

Looks like it’s pretty much a black, white navy palette with a tinge of pink. I definitely can’t wait for the next adventure as a family of 4! To more family trips and me-made holiday and beyond!




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