SW Australia Day 1 & 2: Fremantle

I have been receiving requests on our itinerary: where to go, what to eat and such with a 17 month old in tow. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and I would highly recommend Perth and the SW Australia for a first family trip especially if you would like to take things a little slower during the trip. So I thought why not?

I have shared about why we decided to go SW Australia (partly was also to visit a friend), and a brief itinerary of what we wanted to do during the trip. This detailed version will include where we visited at each place, where we ate and the various children friendly facilities. I will be sharing our itinerary in 5 individual posts, marking each leg of our trip.

First up, Fremantle. We took the red eye flight with Singapore Airlines to Perth. Conclusion? Unless you are flying for about 6-7 hours, redeye flight is not recommended. We did the same when we went to Japan and it was manageable. However this time round to Perth, we departed at 1200, breakfast is served at 0300 and we land around 0530-0600!!! Barely slept, even if C slept through, except waking up for breakfast. After we landed, we collected our car, fixed the car seat, and off we go to meet our friend.

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We actually took Day 1 to recuperate from flying. We took away lunch and dinner at our friend’s, visited an indoor playground and did some grocery shopping.


Fishhead KFC

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It was almost empty and we have the whole place to ourselves!



Takeaways from Crust


We only brought sufficient diapers for the 1st day and purchased the rest in Australia. We also decided to take this time to transit her to full cream milk entirely (Yay no formula! Maybe more on this later?). A very brave move on our side but a point to note is that she has been having fresh milk so it wasn’t a new taste altogether. Besides milk, C also has yoghurt as her snack since we don’t bring milk out for the day.

We stayed at Mole End Cottage, just a 10 minutes drive from Fremantle city centre and a 5 minutes walk to South Beach. We booked directly with them though they also have a listing on airbnb.

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She made herself at home immediately!


We spent the morning of Day 2 dropping by South Beach (lots of children, lots of dogs too!),

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before going to  Penguin Island. We went to watch the Penguin ‘Show’, had a little picnic, walked around half the island and spent the rest of the time at the beach.





After Penguin Island, we took away some late lunch at Kent Street Deli.


The evening was spent visiting Fremantle Market, walking through Fremantle Esplanade, dinner at Cicerello’s.


Lots of good food, and fresh produce

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Handmade ceremaics

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My mil kindly babysit our little friend while the husband and I sneaked out for a roof top movie date at Perth. It was freezing cold!

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5 thoughts on “SW Australia Day 1 & 2: Fremantle

  1. Jenevy says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Thanks for this blog entry. Very useful in planning my trip. We have decided to head to balingup after seeing your post 🙂


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