I may have been persuaded by the wonders of essential oils. C was running a fever and

1. we didn’t have any fever medication on standby,
2. I am not not a fan of admistering too much medicine,

so I decided to try out the Eucalyptus EO* that we bought in Australia. We diluted the essential oil in a carrier oil (I used extra virgin coconut oil) and the husband massaged the oil on her. I also diffused a mixture of eucalyptus and lavender EO. We have been using lavender EO for a while now. I started out as a aid to help C sleep (through the night), and found out later that it has one of the multipurpose EO to be used at home. Either this EO thing really works or the fever is pretty mild. Praise the Lord that the temperature has reduced significantly!

*I decided to administer the EO method after consulting the cousin-in-law who is a certified aromatherapist!

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