Lily Pear Agar Agar

I was down with sore throat and cough with phlegm just before CNY and needed some home remedy to soothe and help with the recovery. So I made a ‘cough soup’ using a family recipe. For the first round, I drank it warm, like a traditional Chinese dessert soup. For the second round, I decided to make the soup into agar agar (I love agar agar!!!) which makes a good dessert to be served during this festive season to combat the heatiness of the CNY goodies. What I also enjoy about this dessert is that I didn’t have to add any rock sugar to sweeten! If you prefer it to be any sweeter, I would highly suggest rock sugar as it is cooling and doesn’t encourage phlegm to form like white sugar does.

You will need:
1 snow pear
25g dried pear slices
25g candied persimmons
5 pcs honey dates
10g Chinese almonds
10g dried lily bulbs
3-4 pandan leaves (optional)
1.5 litres water
1 tablespoon dried wolf berries (optional)
1 packet agar agar powder (I used ‘swallow globe’ brand)

How to?
1. Wash the first 7 ingredients and boil with 1.5 litres of water.

2. Turn to low heat and simmer for about 30-60 minutes. The water should reduce to 1 litre.

4. Sieve out the ingredients.

5. Add in the agar agar powder to the ‘soup’. You need to make sure that the amount of ‘soup’ in the pot is about 1 litres as that is the amount of water needed for 1 packet of agar agar powder. If there is too little water, the jelly will be too hard.

6. Stir consistently until the mixture boils.

7. Scoop the mixture into moulds. Allow to cool before refrigerating.

8. If you are using wolf berries, wash it and put 2-3 berries per mould.

This dessert also makes a good and healthy snack for little humans. You just need to make sure they are in smaller, more manageable pieces.

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