Refashioned Maternity Pants

Because I refuse to buy maternity wear and I am wearing the same few pieces of bottoms, I decided to try out another maternity wardrobe hack. One of which is a simple tutorial on turning a regular jeans to a maternity one. I don’t have a pair of jeans but I do have a pair of pants that I am willing to cut up. I had planned to try this other tutorial by realised that my pants didn’t have a pocket to cut up haha. I could have modified it a little bit but I’m too lazy to think.

I used a 4″ wide black elastic and opened up 2″ on each side of the side seams (including allowance). Now my pants fits so comfortably!

This pants would probably also come in handy post-partum before I am able to fit into any of my post 1-baby clothes. I’m not even looking at pre-pregnancy sizing!


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