Chinese New Year Play Dough

Happy Lunar New Year!! Chinese New Year is usually a quiet affair for us as we camp at two main venues and get all the visiting done on the first day. So I decided to assemble a CNY theme play dough for some entertainment for the kiddos since we are spending quite a significant amount of time at each place. I really love the play dough sets Jen puts together with her daughter so I followed her no cook play dough recipe (excluded the glycerin, and used liquid colour and flavouring essence instead). I also bought the same container from IKEA for storage.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
For this CNY set, we have a rose, an orange and a pineapple scented doughs, matched with the bright colors of spring. We also gathered items that are symbolic to the CNY (of some sort): flowers related to CNY (camellia, daffodil, peach blossom and peony), silicon moulds, assorted red buttons, some straws and ice cream sticks, and red and yellow cookie cutters.

It is a very extensive set of play dough set but it provides endless possibilities each time she plays with it.  There are occasions she focuses on cutting with the cookie cutter, others she prefers to decorate with the flowers. This would probably last her for the entire 15 days of CNY and the month of February!


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