Traveling with a 16-Month-Old Toddler: On Itinerary

Since we came back from our Japan trip, we have been itching to go on another family holiday, especially after seeing how our little friend enjoys herself outdoors and such. So for the end of year trip, we decided on Perth and a road trip in South Western Australia.

Why SW Australia?
Because it is simply perthfect! Alrights jokes aside, we chose Perth because of the distance and affordability. Aussie dollar dropped in favour to SGD so it was a good time to visit. We wanted somewhere cooler than SG but not winter, which geographically suggests the Southern Hemisphere in December. Perth is only 5hours away, which I think is a manageable time to be spent on the plane with a super inquisitive toddler. There is also no time difference between Perth and Singapore. The pace is slow so you don’t have to be pressured to keep up with the business of the city life. Most attractions don’t open till 10am which gives you ample time in the morning to get the things done. There is also an abundance of good food everywhere!

Good simple fare everywhere!


Lots of fresh produce to cook like a masterchef too!

Not forgetting the large amount of space that our little friend can run free!

On itinerary
Western Australia has so so so much to offer and we finally decided to focus on the south west area. It is important to know what you want for the trip and then shortlist the places to visit. While being distracted by all the beauty of Western Australia, we knew we wanted a trip that allows us to spend some time to interact with animals (preferbly meeting some Australian animals and to visit a farm), reconnect with nature, and if possible some play time at the beach. These naturally draws us southwards to Margaret River and Albany. Besides planning what to see and do, we also factor in time to rest and recuperate, especially at our airbnb accomodation to enjoy what we paid for! Basically take things slow.

A rough 13-day itinerary is as such:
Day 1: Midnight international flight to Perth, drive to Fremantle
Day 2: Penguin Island
Day 3 Drive to Margaret River, pitstop at Bunbury
Day 4: Margaret River and surrounds
Day 5: Margaret River and surrounds
Day 6: Drive to Denmark, pitstop at Pemberton
Day 7: Denmark and surrounds
Day 8: Albany and surrounds
Day 9: Drive to Balingup, pitstop at Pemberton
Day 10: Balingup and surrounds
Day 11: Drive back to Perth, pitstop at Donnybrook/Bunbury
Day 12: Perth
Day 13: Perth and Home Sweet Home

It was a really good 13 days spent as a family. We have seen how much our little friend learns and grows during the trip, and how much she enjoyed herself and the good food.

Let me know what you would like to know about the trip. I’ll be sharing on road tripping with a toddler next!

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