KidsFest 2016: Room on The Broom

I went on a date with our little friend to watch Room on The Broom which was featured in KidsFest 2016. Truth to be told, I was a little *scaredscared* (in our little friend’s language). It is the first time that I am out alone with her since being pregnant with number 2 and I just wasn’t sure if she can last through the entire 50 minutes performance. Afterall, the shows are best suited for ages 3 and up. She is not even 2! The entire experience gave me newfound mom-fidence because our little friend enjoyed herself tremendously!

We entered the theatre when the doors were opened. She ‘wah-ed’ at the staging and was kept entertained by some stickers offered by the Australian International School. Soon after, the show started on time at 5pm. Though she was shocked by the sudden appearance of the dragon in the story, I sat her on my lap and her eyes never left the stage since. It was great seeing a cat, dog, bird and frog on stage as they are some of the animals she could recognize. She also danced to the music and clapped her hands in excitement.

Our first theatrical experience isn’t too bad and we definitely look forward to our next show at the KidsFest (Alien Love Underpants)! For those interested, there are still 3 more stories to catch.

To more concerts and beyond!

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