A Winter Solstice Sensory Play

It was the winter solstice on 22nd December and Chinese have the tradition of eating rice dumplings on that day, which symbolizes reunion.

I love and prefer to make my own, though it has no filling. While prepping the dough, our little friend came into the kitchen and “wanted to help”. Initially I thought hey we could make the dumplings together. But she ended throwing some of the dough on the floor. I gave her the entire bowl and made another batch in the evening.

It was her first time playing with dough and I really love this made from glutinous rice flour because it is a lot cleaner than those made from plain flour. I got her to pick up whatever bits she can from the floor and I swept the rest.

We also ended the night with some dumplings that I made. I used rose and chamomile tea as the base so that it wouldn’t be overly sweet for her.

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