Our little friend is an energizer bunny. She is active, loves to walk, climb up and down, and simply to explore. She can go on and on and on and on, and the husband thought, “okay she needs a break!” So he taught her on the concept of waiting.

We started with counting down from 5 to 1. This also applies to waiting for us to open biscuit packaging, put down whatever we have on hand before we can carry her etc. We taught her to sign “wait” too. Then it progressed to 1 minute wait time, using the iPhone timer function. Each time she wanted to move away, we caught her back and told her that she needed to wait for 1 minute and the alarm to ring. Now at 18 months, she can do with the 1 minute wait time and moves only after the alarm has sounded. As the timer count down, you can also recite the number and use this as a teaching opportunity (like number flash card).

It works pretty well for now and we are progressing to a 2-minute break, so that the adults can also take a longer breather!


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