Daddy’s Idea of Sensory Play: Baking Cheesecake

I am very thankful for a husband who supports me in this challenging art of parenting. As much he let me do my sensory play freely, it was very heartwarming to have him suggest a sensory play for our little friend. He is the more practical one and suggested baking an actual lemon cheesecake together. Yes playing with food! I did plan to let our little friend try out this yoghurt cake recipe from French Children Don’t Throw Food, at an age when she could handle scooping a little better. I just didn’t expect her to be doing this so early! Anyhows we went ahead!

He found a really simple recipe and did all the ingredients shopping. 

We pre-measured the ingredients and got our little friend to assist us in mixing, stirring, pouring, ‘chopping’ and such. Truth to be told, it was a little tough to assist her and to take photos at the same time.

And voila! Final product.

When letting your little ones engage in such sensory play at this age (18 months), it is important to pre-measure all the ingredients so that you wouldn’t be juggling with measuring etc and a very curious toddler at the same time. It also suggests less mess to clear up. Well it really depends on what your agenda is. If your child can handle scooping well or you don’t mind the mess, go ahead and let him/her to it. By laying out the ingredients, it is also a good opportunity to introduce the ingredients to them.


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