A White Christmas Sensory Bin

I have been wanting to experiment with the cloud/moon/snow dough before school starts so that we can. We just did on Christmas – the closest to white christmas we can get for now. Daddy also joined in the fun!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
I followed the recipe from mamapapabubba (8 parts flour, 1 part baby oil, glitter optional) but substituted the baby oil with vegetable oil. I also added silver and blue glitter which added some sparkling magic to the play!

I measured the amount of flour in a mixing bowl and provided a cup for our little friend to transfer into the bin. She had so much fun feeling the flour! 

Then we added the oil and mix it all up. We tried with the whisk but our hands worked so much better. 

After we give the flour and oil a good mix, I threw in some silicon cupcakes mould (from Daiso), a spatula, and two Christmas cake decor. We tried to mould some stuff. The silicon moulds give us some really pretty lines. 

This is the messiest bin so far, which requires some washing and sweeping after. But the flour weren’t too difficult to wash off. For friends who have the conception that sensory bins are fancy pansy, this is really easy to make with items found in the kitchen. Silicon cups and other moulds are entirely optional!

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