Something Old Something New;

2015 is definitely a more productive year compared to 2014. I set a simple sewing goal at the beginning of the year: I want to get back to basics and sew 1 piece of garment per month in 2015. For the past 3 years I have been teaching the kiddos in my school to set SMART goals to help them achieve. So I decided to give it a try to help me make time to sew. Previous years I make whatever I fancy, most of which are dresses. The SMART goal helped me to be more focused and forces me to make time to sew in order to keep me sane amidst everything else. Here is what I have made this year:

January: Batik Pencil Skirt
February: Black Flare Skirt
March: Baroque-esque furry Blouse
April: Aprils in Paris Skirt
May: Perfect for Lacey Days Blouse
June: A Very Simple V-Neck Tank
July: Let’s Go To The Zoo Dress for our little friend
August: Rectangle Skirt
September: The Nursing Dress
October: White cotton blouse
November: Kaftan, Kimono Outwear, Maternity Leggings, Infinity Scarf and Black Smocked Dress
December: Scarf Sandals

For 2015, I’m pretty much on track, with a major bonus in November. I will be sharing my makes for the month of November as soon as I get the photos sorted. They are mostly speedy projects which I made in preparation for the holidays. I also attempted to make a shirt for the husband. Unfortunately it wasn’t a success. The sewing adventure has moved out of the workshop and this humble space. I participated in the Me-Made-May and started the Singapore Spoolettes with 2 fellow bloggers.

Another new addition to the blog would be the little snippets of motherhood such as introducing solids series and the sensory bins. Motherhood has been quite enjoyable despite the hair-tearing moments. It has been quite a year of adventure with our little friend as she grows and learns each day. On a more personal note, our little friend has definitely allowed me to discover and grow a lot more as a person, daughter (in law), wife, and mother.

I am also thankful for the opportunities to travel. We had our first family trip to Japan, and another to South West Australia in December. The husband and I also managed to take some time off at Maldives. I will be sharing the latter two in the subsequent posts. 

On the last day of 2015, we also found at rabbit at the park and brought it home as it was going to rain. I never expect myself to ‘rescue’ an animal or even have a rabbit at home (I have always wanted a pet rabbit!). We are still deciding whether to keep the rabbit or not.


Looking foward
Seeing how productive 2015 was, I would love to keep up with the creative processes taking place in my workshop. For the past year, my wardrobe additions were mainly for practical reasons. I needed basics and separates for breastfeeding purposes. For 2016, I would love to indulge myself for my love of dresses. I only sewn a dress last year *gasp!* and I have also retired some from pre-preggie days with much reluctance and a heavy heart. In preparation for a body changing year ahead, I want to sew shift/nursing dresses this year. Yes soley shift/nursing dresses. I might also revisit other shapes and cuttings that have been tried and tested.   Production will still be at the rate of 1 per month, for the first 5? months.

If you have got the subtle hints from the post, yes we are expecting number 2. Hurray! Not sure how things will turn out in the second half of the year, both personally and on the blog, but I’ll take one step at a time. I’m also in the midst of figuring out how to balance between sharing my enjoyments and takeaways of motherhood and keeping some privacy for the little ones. Nonetheless, I would love to share more about motherhood, especially as a mother of two.

With that, I’m looking forward to the coming year!

Bonne année my friends!



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