A Duckies and Friends Sensory Bin

I have been wanting to try water beads in a bin so we decided to have an impromptu play date with duckies and friends yesterday at my laws. It was raining and we can’t go out to play anyways.

We already had a bath duckie and I topped up the collection with 3 ducklings from Daiso. We also borrowed their friends from my in laws. Throw them in a pail filled with water and water beads and you are good to go!  

Since it rained and we are meeting them indoors (I had wanted for this date to take place at the huge corridor space in front of the HDB unit but rain was splashing in), I lay out 4 huge foam mats and placed a towel on top of it to make cleaning up easier. The micro fibre towel absorbed all the water spilled out and all I needed to do was to air the mats dry. Win!

This time round, we showed her the bin sans the pail and scoops, and she had a good time splashing and feeling the water beads.  

Then she requested for them and I guided her to use the seive to scoop the beads. She seemed pretty amazed by it as some of the beads weren’t that visible in water.  She is also able to identify the turtle, big duckie and ducklings.   IMG_1163

The water beads are from Daiso. The quality was okay, with a few broken ones found in the packaging. A point to note is that water beads should only be introduced in their play if the little ones aren’t prone to putting things in their mouth.

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