A Zoo Sensory Bin

So we just returned from 2 holidays and we decided to stay home yesterday to unpack, pack and such. Lo and behold our little friend refused her morning nap. Since we still need to get our chores done, I decided to bring out the magic sensory bin. I decided to put together a zoo because we just visited the zoo with a few of our friends the day before. I used some dried apricot tea leaves (which I have been collecting after we have tea) and black beans for the base, and threw in a few other animals and accessories which we got in Australia. We brought the zoo home, sans the poo smell. In fact this zoo smells so great!

After I got her started on the bin, she was on her own to explore. This bin is enough to keep her entertained while I handwash my clothes and prepare lunch. The husband and I took turns to keep an eye on her just to make sure that she doesn’t swallow any of the animals etc.



Daddy also guided her through cleaning up and keeping her toys.  

This is the first time I’m using two items for the base. I promoted our little friend to pick up the black beans. Initially she picked a few with her hands and then stopped so I let her be. After washing my clothes, I was quite surprised to find her scooping the beans out! 

I am really enjoying putting these bins togetherfor our little friend. It gives my right brain a little exercise and it’s such a joy to see our little friend enjoying herself with them. To more sensory bins and beyond!

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