Tutorial: Elastic Waist Rectangle Skirt

An elastic waist skirt is probably one of the easiest and fastest project that you can take on. It’s easy to wear, fits all sizes, perfect for preggie days (pre and post as well!)  What’s even better is that you don’t need a serger for this. I will be using french seams for this project in replacement of serging. Sew away comrades!

IMG_0916You will need:
fabric (100cm by 140cm)*, matching thread, elastic band (waist measurement + 1 inch), sewing supplies.

*This is the dimension of the fabric that I used for this project. I am making use of every inch of the fabric on hand. However it can vary according to the width of your fabric, your measurements and preferences of skirt length.

** I’m using 1cm seam allowance for this project.


Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 8.35.53 pm
1. Fold the fabric and cut into halve along the breadth. This is the front and back pieces of the the skirt. The selvages is the ‘hem’ of the skirt.


2. Cut out fabric for the waist band. The elastic band that I’m using is about 2cm wide. So the fabric for the waist band is about by 7cm (including 1.5cm allowance on each side) by 100cm. The rest of the fabric will be used for the skirt itself.


IMG_09543. Pin and sew the side seam, wrong side to wrong side.


IMG_09584. Trim 0.5cm off the seam.


IMG_09595. Flip the fabric over. Press the seam. Pin and sew the side seam, right side to right side.


6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for the other side seam.


7. Repeat Steps 3-6 for the waist band.


IMG_09608. Pin, tag, sew the waist band onto skirt, right sides facing. Also make sure that the side seams for the waist band is all facing one side. I prefer to align them facing right.


IMG_09489. Fold over the waist band, tuck in 1cm of seam allowances, leaving about 2-3 inches opening. This is where you will slot in the elastic band.


IMG_094910. Attach the elastic band to a safety pin. Use the safety pin to help you loop the elastic band through the waist band casing.


IMG_095111. Once the end of the elastic band is looped through, overlap 1inch of the end of elastic band. Sew to secure.


IMG_095212. Stitch up the opening. I choose to hand stitch.


IMG_096113. Double fold the hem, approximately 2.5cm upwards. Sew to secure.


IMG_094714. Voila, there you have a new skirt in an hour’s time!


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