An Elastic Waist Rectangle Skirt

For the month of August I needed a quick project to sew to keep me sane amidst the overwhelming work, a baby who don’t want to sleep early and wanderlusting (oops!). So I drew inspirations from Dubrovnik, one of my favourite cities from my summer trip last year. Just look at the waters!


We stayed in a lovely apartment with the most splendid view, spent the day wandering around the Old Town, tasted the best risotto in my life and ended the night with an incredible performance by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra. The following morning we visited the morning market at Gunduliceva Square and bought some local produce before heading off to Konavle (Radovčići Village).Please allow me to spam some photos here.

View from our apartment!

View from our apartment!

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And the flight of stairs from our apartment to town


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Visited the morning market for gifts and fresh fruits
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Back to the project. I decided to make a navy flare skirt, but it has to be something quick so a skirt with elastic band it is. And a rectangle skirt, no less. It was done in 2 nights. The skirt doesn’t require a pattern and all I had to do was to stitch the sides, sew the casing, insert the elastic band, neaten the hem and viola! I have a new skirt to wear. I am currently working on a tutorial for this project so stay tune for that!

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It is made of French Dior in a beautiful shade of navy. I really love how flowy and soft the fabric is, somewhat like satin, but a lot more breathable and less ‘synthetic’. Another bonus point is that French Dior doesn’t leave ugly water marks. You know, sometimes when satin get in contact with water and has dried, it leaves behind ugly water marks? French Dior doesn’t. This makes French Dior my best alternative to satin. Length is also perfect for mummy’s duties whenever I bring my little friend out too.

Then again, there is just something that I don’t quite fancy about the skirt. I’m not sure if it is the shape or that it is too rectangular that doesn’t bring out any shape. Or I just need to be a little hardworking to maintain a slightly more active lifestyle.


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