Introducing Fish and Meat;

Oops. I have been clearing my drafts and I found this from the introducing solids series unpublished. So here goes the last instalment on introducing fish/meat.

Somewhere at 8-9 months you can start introducing fish/meat to your baby because your baby needs the extra supplement of protein, iron etc from food, especially from this developmental stage onwards. There are sources that suggests meats as one of the first foods to introduce but I chose to delay to 8-9months as I do not want overload her digestive system. I am doing the how to introduce in this post and not going into other details such as clean meats because they are all due to health and personal preferences and availability.

For a starter, you can try to let you baby get used to the taste of meat with soups cooked with meat. The soup will contain the essence of meat for your baby to enjoy. You will need to portion out the soup prior to seasoning or go easy on the seasoning. I usually add just enough to bring out the flavour.  I am a huge fan of soups, which I often cook in slow cooker. Just put all the ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning and you’ll have a bowl of hearty soup for dinner! I grew up drinking  soups so many of these recipes are from my mum or mother-in-law. Or you can refer to Noob Cook for some ideas.

For fish, I first began with salmon, cod fish (so expensive!) and white fish, which are safer fishes, because they are lower in mercury level. I add about to 1/4 slice of cod fish to her soup porridge, and subsequently introduced salmon belly porridge. If your baby has eczema or other allergy, it is better to consult your doctor before introducing fish. For meats, I have only introduced chicken and pork so far. No beef and lamb because we don’t usually cook them at home. For chicken, I chose chicken breast because it is higher in protein and lower in fats. For pork, I try my best to buy the better quality (lean) pork.

As she grows a little older, the fish and meat are added from the adults’ dinner. So we cook and take a portion out for her. There are times when I add chicken breast specially to her food, such as the chicken risotto.

So how do I prepare and store chicken breast?

Processed with Moldiv

I usually buy one whole breast from the wet market, deboned. I use the bone for making soups. Depending on the size, I slice up the chicken breast into 5-6 strips, about the width of 2 fingers. I placed them in a plastic bag, each piece separated and send them into the freezer. I use 1-2 strip of of chicken each time, when I prepare for about 7x60ml.

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