A Massimo Dutti inspired skirt and a furry baroque-esque blouse

This skirt was made two years back but I just didn’t have the time or opportunity to document it on photograph. So here it is, featured for the first time in Me Made May 2015! So sometime in 2013 I walked past Massimo Dutti and was attracted to a black lace skirt on display, which I do not have a picture of unfortunately. I stood at the window display and examined the skirt very closely. It is black, made of sturdy cotton lace and it’s essentially a rectangle skirt with lots of gathers. The original was a mini-skirt which I did not fancy so I made mine longer.


Then immediately, I went to my favourite fabric shop at Chinatown and asked for the specific kind of lace. The always so helpful owner showed me a beautiful piece of black lace, which didn’t cost much. $8/m and I need just 1m. Perfect lace, perfect price. I lined the lace with a soft polyester lining in white, to bring out the pattern of the lace. It is one of my favourite skirt that sits in my wardrobe. This skirt is extremely versatile. I can dress it up with a formal work blouse for work, or down with a denim shirt. I even wore it till the mid of my second trimester during pregnancy.


Featured in the same photo of the all black lace on lace ensemble, is the furry baroque-esque blouse that was my project for the month of March. It is a really basic blouse, made in my favourite Anda. I also love the main feature of this blouse, that is the fabric itself. It is lace of some sort, furry velvety patches on really fine tulle/mesh. The prints reminds me of the baroque style. Hence the name furry baroque-esque blouse. It is another versatile number in my wardrobe that I’ll most likely be wearing very often!



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