Traveling with a 10-Month-Old Baby: Accommodation and Food

One of my greatest concerns for the trip is accommodation. She would be 10 months old by the time we travel and she will be crawling around! Hotels aren’t my best options. There wouldnt be much space in the room and I am not sure if the floors/carpets are really clean. After researching a bit more, I figured that tatami style accommodation is best suited for us.

So for this trip to Japan, we booked all tatami style apartments via airbnb, which I have used for my past holidays. We selected tatami style apartments for a few reasons. We don’t have to worry about our little friend falling off the bed or requesting for extra cot/bed (no surcharge though).

Tatami style accommodation in Keihoku

Tatami style accommodation in Keihoku

We also wanted to make sure that she is not confined to the bed or cot, and has ample space to move around. That’s a major plus point!

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It is also extremely useful to book an apartment instead of a hotel room because there will be facilities to prepare her meals and to do laundry. Another bonus point!

On meals and food
While there is an option to buy the ingredients from the local supermarket and cook, we decided to prepare her favourite foods at home, freeze and bring them over. We considered jarred/instant baby food but our little friend didn’t fancy them. So homemade it is. The frozen foods are transported over in a cooler bag (my unimom cooler bag), small enough so that all the packets are tightly packed together. Since they are all frozen, they keep each other cool in their frozen state.

I store her food in breastmilk bags, 2 portions (lunch and dinner) in each bag. They are a selection  of her favourites: azuki with mixed fruits, japanese sweet potato apple cinnamon, salmon belly porridge, pumpkin azuki porridge etc. Before we leave for the day’s activities each day, we heat up her food and store it in the thermal flask. We scoop up a portion during lunch and keep the rest for dinner.


Homecooked food frozen in a breastmilk bag

In the morning, babystingrui will have a milk feed before we leave and a morning snack along the way when we are traveling. We brought along some baby biscuits from home, and bought some bread and dorayaki (pancake sandwiched with red bean paste – we gave mostly the pancake bit). Our little friend seems to enjoy anything made from flour so she likes all the japanese bread and pancakes. Not to mention that the Japanese bread and pancakes are sooooo good!

Enjoying pancakes and chiffon cake

Enjoy pancakes and chiffon cake

Between lunch and dinner, she has milk and some snacks too. I am so thankful that I am still breastfeeding her which makes her milk feed so much easier. All I need is somewhere to sit, nursing cover and myself. It’s extremely convenient, lesser things to bring out and wash!

Now about the adults. Some of you may ask if we visit baby friendly restaurants in Japan. We didn’t. The only thing we make sure was that the restaurant is a non-smoking one. We ate at wherever we want: some counter top eateries, a yakitori bar, some tatami style restaurants provided a little more space for the baby to move about. There was one meal when I breastfeed her throughout while we are at a conveyor belt sushi place. The husband and I took turns to entertain and feed her during meal times.

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Now that we have settled the planning of itinerary, accommodation and food, I will be sharing our flight experiences and preparation.

Traveling with a 10-Month-Old Baby:
Before You Travel with Your Baby and Itinerary


4 thoughts on “Traveling with a 10-Month-Old Baby: Accommodation and Food

  1. shandawanda says:

    Hi! Just want to ask for the apartments you stayed at in this trip. Did you keep on moving apartments, or did you stick to one?
    Also, is it more advisable to stay in city center or in quieter neighborhoods?
    I will be travelling with my husband and my one-year-old (at that time) during their peak season — April.
    A big thanks in advance for your reply! 🙂

    • Tiffany says:

      Hi Shanda,

      The apartments are booked via airbnb. These are the specific links to where we stayed:
      Keihoku: (contact the host directly if the listing doesn’t work. They really are really highly recommended)

      Keihoku is amazing but 1hr20mins bus ride away from Kyoto. Also, I have to add that for both Kyoto and Osaka accommodations, they are not near the city and are a distance away from the nearest bus stop/train station, if that is a concern. We have to climb up a slope to our Kyoto home too. Despite so, we enjoyed our stay as the hosts are extremely kind and helpful:)

      We stick to one apartment per city and preferred the quieter neighborhoods, as the city center is too crowded for our liking. Just make sure the neighborhood your pick is on the main line and that should not be a problem.

      I hope that helps! Enjoy your trip!


  2. Fion Zhuo says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Chance upon your blog and wanted to ask if the frozen food you packed for your baby was it hand carry onboard or checked in?

    Am traveling with my 8 mths old to osaka&kyoto too!



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