The “Perfect for Lacey Days” Blouse

IMG_0276 The project that I embarked for the month of May is a blouse in a romantic shade of blush. The blouse was designed to match the Aprils in Paris skirt that I made in April. I also need a simple nudish/blushish blouse to add on to my staples. White doesn’t look too good on me and I find nude a little too yellow to match my skin tone so I would prefer blush over white or nude anytime. The blouse takes the form of a modified Sorbetto, another favourite pattern of mine: u neckline, took in a couple of cm at the arm hole, lace panel down the center front, and no zips attached.


The fabric is from Kluang, from about 4 years ago. I’m not sure what it is exactly but it definitely is a polyester blend of some sort.  Lace is a trimming that I bought from Troyes 3 years ago. I definitely wasn’t planning to use the trimming as a decorative panel.


As much as I love the overall look of the blouse, there are a few places of improvement. Firstly, is the armhole. It was cut a little too big for my liking so I need to reduce the size of the arm hole for other patterns. Secondly I have still having problems aligning the hem of the front and back piece. For some reasons they just don’t align. I really need to work on this because it cause me to shorten the length of my blouse or dress at times. Lastly, I need to improve on overall workmanship. For instance the lace panel is sewn a little too tightly into the bodice hence the tension marks.


Nonetheless I really love this blouse. I can dress up or down with it. It is comfortable, easy to wear and yet presentable – perfect for “lacey” days!


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