Singapore Spoolette


It is finally up! A mini brainchild of Ade from Adesays, Jessie from Jesssewfabulous and I, we have pioneered the Singapore branch of Spoolettes. I met Ade on Instagram during MeMadeMay and Jessie through our blogs. One day we were discussing on social media about the idea of having a meetup for dressmakers in Singapore. This discussion went on to forming a dressmaking community, specializing in women’s apparrels. Viola!, a week later, Singapore Spoolettes is born.

What are we about? We are a community of dressmakers based in Singapore with a focus on women’s apparel. Through Spoolettes, we hope to have a close knit community of dressmakers to discuss on challenges, commercial patterns, drafting, fabric finds, sewing machines, techniques, tutorials and tips, and anything else related to dressmaking. We also aim to provide a platform for sewists to socialise, collaborate and cheer each other on! We will be organising our first meet up soon. Stay tuned for details!

If you sew women’s apparel whether experienced or a beginner, or simply are interested in sewing women’s apparel, join us! Sister sewists to The Spoolettes:

4 thoughts on “Singapore Spoolette

  1. KJ says:

    Hi there, I am also dabbing into sewing and would like to join you guys in meet up and maybe go on local fabric shopping trip together? 🙂

    But I don’t have facebook. Can you keep me in the loop or something for your next meet up?


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