Me Made Holiday: Keihoku-Kyoto-Osaka, Japan

I had lots of fun last month in MeMadeMay and I decided to extend it to Me Made Holiday for my Japan trip in June. I had done 2 Me Made Holiday for my previous holidays, and I thought why not try again! The greatest concern for a Me Made Holiday is the temperature of our holiday destination. So far, it has been rather friendly or familiar to my me-made closet. Packing for this trip is a little tricker for various reasons:
– I need to wear separates because I am going to be breastfeeding her
– Clothes to be baby friendly: colour, style etc
– I want to pack light
– As me-made as possible

As weather seems to be fluctuating between 17degC (in the mountains) to 29degC (in the city), I decided to pack my usuals, a parka for rainy days and a cardigan for cooler days (if I need to keep myself warm). All in all, I brought along 5 tops, 2 skirts, 1 pants, 1 leggings, 2 outerwear. Out of these combinations, thre are 3 blouses and 2 skirts that are me-made.

Day 1: Favourite nude blouse, something comfortable for a long day of traveling and loose for breastfeeding.
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


Day 2: I made a new blouse as my June project, to go with leggings for trekking and exploring Keihoku and Miyama. I will share on this soon.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Day 3: Massimo Dutti Inspired  Lace Skirt. Something more airy for the warmer weather as we travel from Keihoku to Kyoto and visit the Ginkakuji-Philosopher’s Walk.



Day 4: Rewore the blouse to go with pants for Kinkakuji, Nijio Castle, (fabric) shopping in Kyoto downtown on a rather chilly day in the afternoon. No photos because it got lost somewhere during the teansfering from phone and such. You need to imagine the combination.


Day 5: Batik Pencil Skirt to Fushimi Inari.


Day 6: Nude blouse and Batik Pencil Skirt for Arashiyama and traveling to Osaka.

Day 7: All black, lace on lace ensemble for Kaiyoukan and shopping in Osaka downtown – Fury Baroque-esque Blouse and Massimo Dutti inspired lace skirt.

Day 8: Batik Pencil Skirt again for Dontonburi and Home Sweet Home. Pardon the creases. We did our laundry but there was no iron.


Me made outfit combination is really addictive. It spurs me on to wanting to sew more so that I have a me-made item to wear everyday! Time is really the factor that doesn’t allow me to sew. There is simply many other things to do, especially with a baby. One stitch at a time mummy!

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