MeMadeMay15: A Summary

Oh yea! I got through Me-Made-May 2015! It was sure a really fun month, planning outfits around me made items. Here’s a quick summary of what I wore:

Here’s also my thoughts and takeaways from MMM:

1. I wear/have a lot of stripes!

2. I also have a lot of clothes in shades of blue, especially navy.

3. It gives me a clearer idea of what my wardrobe has and what else is lacking. I am really lacking in basics, which is my sewing goal for this year. I have made a couple of skirts and a blouse, so I’m continuing to add on staple pieces for the rest of the year.

3. I realized I need a lot more tops and blouses, mainly to go with my pants and other bottoms that are not me-made. These pants are just more convenient on weekends when we bring our little friend out.

4. I miss wearing dresses! I didn’t quite bother with making nursing friendly dresses and didn’t bother to buy any as well. I hope I will have time to do something about it while I am still nursing.

5. I hope to be able to do a me-made-everyday one day! It doesn’t have to be an entirely me-made outfit.

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