Me Made May 15: Week 2

Here’s a summary of what I wore for MMM in Week 2: unplanned florals and a new blush blouse.

Day 6: Sample deux for my wedding dress


Day 7: Aprils in Paris skirt with stripes. This is my most well received skirt (other than the wedding skirt) till date.


Day 8: A new blouse in blush with a lace panel


Day 9: Wicked skirt in a watercolour print


Day 10: Batik print pencil skirt. Yup reused the same photo because I was running late for work.

My takeaways from Week 2 of MMM? We are half way there!!! The outfits that I wore for Week 2 are more representative of my style, which I really want to fill my entire wardrobe with. I also feel more comfortable in the selections of the me made outfits for this week. Maybe because I was making a conscientious effort to select a me-made item last week which was a little stressful; it just came so naturally for Week 2. It was also very inspiring to see what others from around the world are making and wearing for MMM, which makes me want to have me made wardrobe for everyday! I haven’t plan any outfits for Week 3. I’ll most likely be rewearing some items from the past 2 weeks and a couple more fresh new ones. Can’t wait to see what the last 2 weeks bring!

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