After about 2 weeks of her first purée, I made carrot daikon porridge purée for C. It happened that it was a new cycle of new food for her and I was cooking carrot and daikon soup that night. So I took some rice, carrot, daikon and the soup, and blend them together. Subsequently, I have been preparing soup porridge for her since.

One of C’s favourite is the salmon belly soup porridge.

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This is what the adults eat.

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This is what my baby eats, which includes everything else that we eat: salmon, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushroom, cabbage, wakame, and tofu. I portioned out an unseasoned portion for her. Add it to rice, and blend away! I used Japanese rice here because we cooked Japanese rice for dinner. Other times, I would use mixed white and brown rice, depending on what we cook for the adults.

The ingredients for salmon belly soup is rather soft and easy to blend. I have made for her black bean soup porridge, lotus roots soup porridge, carrot and daikon soup porridge etc. For these soup, make sure that the ingredients such as beans, lotus root, carrot and daikon are cooked till soft. If not, you will have a grainy porridge when you blend it. We also started C off with meatless soup porridge. Fish was introduced to her at 9 months (7 months adjusted). All of the soups are cooked in the slow cooker: I just throw in all the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning and we’ll have a hearty bowl of soup for dinner after work!

Depending on the age and preference of your baby, you might like to adjust the consistency of the porridge. I started C off with a porridge purée. The porridge here is slightly more textured, for her at 9 months (7 months adjusted), which I find is easier to feed.

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