Me Made May 15: Week 1

My day 1 for MeMadeMay started on the 4th of May as I pledged for Me Made May for my work outfits. Here’s a summary of what I wore in Week 1.

Day 1: Navy pencil skirt

Day 2: Happy Birthday dress

Day 3: Frilly sorbetto

Day 4: Black flare skirt

Day 5: Fury Baroque-esque Blouse

I haven’t blogged about the last 3 items which I wore this week. Let me get a few more photos taken and I’ll share a little more about them!

Now about Week 1 of MMM’15. I was actually pretty nervous about it. I thought my outfits would be boring due to the limited pieces I have. Prior to May, I did a stock count of what I made in my wardrobe. I have about 14 pieces and definitely can’t last the entire month of memade outfits. So I decided to give myself break during the weekends and focus on the weekday work outfits instead. 14 should be manageable, with a couple of repeats. I think week 1 has been okay and I am excited to see what I will wear for the rest of May!

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