Oats to Joy!

I never like oats, until after I had C. To cut the long story short, I decided to try having overnight oats as part of my project eat clean somewhere during my maternity leave. It is also an excellent milk booster. I started with the basic proportion of 1 cup oats to 1 cup milk (liquid) and 1/2 cup (plain) yoghurt, experimented with flavours and today I based the proportion by estimation. Though there are some recipes that says you can use liquid of any kind (milk, juice, coffee, tea), I find that milk works best in terms of flavour. Trust me I’ve tried the rest and they just tastes horrible (with the exception of adding coffee to the milk).

There are endless combination to overnight oats and it’s extremely easy to prepare.

Processed with Moldiv

The basic ingredients include:
1 cup oats
1 cup milk
1 table spoon chia seeds
1 banana to sweeten,
and fruits for flavour.

1. Prepare the fruits accordingly.
2. Combine all ingredients in a container.
3. Place the mixture in the fridge overnight and it will be ready by the next morning.

On days I need that extra kick of caffeine to power me through the day, I would add a shot of espresso, and some chocolate chips, to make it the java chip starbucks copycat.

After having overnight oats for a regular basis, I progressed to adding oats in my smoothies, calling them breakfast smoothies. These breakfast smoothies are perfect morning fuel for busy mornings. It keeps me fuller and reduce craving.

So the time comes when C started on her solids. I didn’t intend to start her with oats initially. One day I was preparing peach purée for her but the peaches were so sweet! I wanted to find something to reduce the sweetness without diluting the texture so I added oats to the purée. It turns out that C loves it! Since then we’ve tried oats with a variety of fruits: peaches, raisins, apricots, apples, banana, blueberry, melon and so on.

How do I prepare oatmeal?
Some recipes suggests blending the oats to powder and then add water/milk/juice. I did just the opposite because I find blending oats to powder very messy. I cooked the oats (I use rolled oats) with water to soften, and blend it together with fruits in Beaba.

Processed with Moldiv
1/4 cup oats
1 cup water
1 peach
1 pear
A dash of lavender (for older babies, 8 months on)

1. Combine oats and water in a pot and cook over the stove until thickened and soft.
2. Peel, core, cut the fruits into chunks. If the pear/peaches aren’t soft enough, you can steam them so that they will be easier to blend.
3. Combine cooked oats, fruits and lavender into baby food processor and blend.

I have written before that I prefer oats over rice cereal. Oats are higher in nutrition than rice cereals and it doesn’t cause constipation. I have not given babystingrui rice cereal – she has her rice in the form of porridge – and is taking to oats very well. If your family had history of Celiac Disease, you might like to take note that oats contain some traces of gluten and might not be suitable.

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