The Peacock Cheongsam Blouse

Weeks ago, I wrote about a navy lace dress for a peacock wedding. I was clueless on what to make (let’s just blame the post partum hormones) and then I thought, why not a cheongsam. When in doubt, just wear a cheongsam. It’ll never go wrong.

I wanted to make use of the fabrics I have so I decided on the navy blue lace, which I bought from Berlin’s Babie Lato that sells very affordable organic fabric, overlaid with turquoise silk satin. Since I only have enough yardage for a top, I decided to make a 2 piece ensemble. I wanted something comfortable and flowy for the top. The skirt will be a pencil skirt, which provides some form of structure in contrast to the flowy top and is made from duchess satin.

Now, I think this combination was a little disastrous. Don’t get me wrong. The cheongsam top and the pencil skirt are great pieces individually. I love them both. What I meant was that they not to be worn together. Definitely not for a bridesmaids outfit. Major sigh! It’s too….matronly. The top didn’t turn out as flowy as I wanted it to be; it was just more roomy.

Anyhows I still love the top and the skirt but I will never pair them together. So I paired the cheongsam top with a pair of khaki brown pants for CNY this year, which is definitely a better take.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


The pencil skirt is another major love. I have no idea what took me so long to sew a pencil skirt for myself! I used to shun away from it because I thought it’s only for people with smaller and skinner frames. Oh I am so wrong! I will leave the pencil skirt for another post. Till then (hopefully soon)!


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