Moving on 2015;

Reflecting on 2014, it isn’t exactly a productive year in the sewing workroom. I have sewn mostly baby stuff, a couple of dresses, and a craftwork or two. I was also featured on national tv and Walking in May on my love for cheongsam. 2014 is definitely a year to be thankful for! One of the things that I am thankful for is my baby, who brings much joy (and frustration). She has taught me the simply joy in life. Motherhood is not an easy journey, especially that I have returned to work. It’s definitely a challenge to find a balance between work and home. Not to worry, I am learning every single day and I am really glad to have lots of mummy-friends around me to share with, to support, to rant to. Not forgetting the husband whom I am really thankful for. He has been a really great help with the baby, with the housework and every other thing.

Moving on to 2015, I hope to be able to sew. It was almost impossible to sew towards the end of my holidays. My baby’s nap time has shortened and she’s somehow more needy than usual. Maybe she knows that mummy will be returning work. Heh. I would also spend some time to nurse her to sleep at night, as that’s the only way to get her to sleep for now. It would be good if I can even manage to find time to sew after work, after settling my baby and a few other household chores. I hope to be able to sew a few dresses for my baby and to go back to basics for my wardrobe and sewing. Basics in terms of shapes that work for me and basic colours and prints. I also hope to improve on the quality of my workmanship. Let’s see how and where 2015 brings me.

Happy New Year!


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