Fabric Shopping in Bali, Indonesia

The husband and I made a trip to Bali a coupe of weeks ago before I return to work next year. It was a good break in 5 months since our baby came along. Though the plan was to do nothing just relax, I had to make time for some fabric shopping. I made plans to visit the fabric market along Jalan Sulawesi in Denpasar and Alta Moda in Kuta but we were quite lazy to get out. All we want to do was to chill in our villa. Taxi fare was also not that cheap as both destinations were quite a distance from our villa. Taxi fare could probably buy me another piece of batik! Anyhows, while discussing our plans with the butler, he recommended Lucy’s Batik which is located near the Semiyak shopping street, and the driver could drop us there. I was a little apprehensive at first as it is, after all, a boutique at Semiyak.


When I entered the shop, I was greeted with all sorts of batik products. There were home ware, garments for men, women and children, toys and sarongs, etc. Now, if you are looking to buy fabric from Lucy’s Batik, they DO NOT sell by the yard. What you can buy is pre-cut sarongs. They measure approximately 2m in length by 1m in width. If you require more yardage, you would need to check if they have more than 1 piece. I was really mesmerized by the intricacy of the artwork. Every piece and every pattern was different. Some were machine printed, some hand stamped, some hand drawn. It was definitely tough to select a few pieces to bag home.




So here are my loots! The husband saw a baby dress that he wanted to buy for our baby. So I asked the salesperson if they have the fabric instead. We decided to buy 2 piece of those to make a family outfit! This is the red one, which is machine printed, and costs around SGD12 for 2m. The other 2 pieces are hand stamped (blue grey) at SGD47 for 2m and hand drawn with natural colours (brown-marsala) at SGD125 for 2m. It took me a day to consider and decide whether to buy the brown piece because it is very expensive.


While at Ubud, our airbnb host brought us to the local market to experience the Balinese way of life. There were some stalls selling batik and garments and such at around 50K IDR. We also toured around Ubud centre and there were quite a number of shop that sells batik sarongs. All these are also precut at 2-2.5m by 1m. There were a couple of nice pieces, but I didn’t feel it.


Lucy’s Batik
Jalan Raya Basangkasa No.88,
Seminyak – Kuta, Bali
Tel. +62 (361) 7951275 / 736098

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