On National TV!

My dearest sew-mate and I had the prviledge to be interviewed by the local TV station on our passion: sewing! The programme features people with interesting hobbies and our story was about sewing our own wedding gown. It’s my first time sharing about sewing in Mandarin so pardon me if I sound too nervous. The feature is on a Chinese channel, hence in Mandarin. For my non-Chinese speaking readers, I’m sorry that there’s no translation. But basically the feature was about my sew-mate and I making our own wedding dresses, where we got our inspiration from, and why pick up dress-making. I’m also unable to download the video so I’ve attached the links as follow:


We were also requested to do a tutorial for the feature, hence I decided to show a toy/bottle/sippy cup leash which is extremely useful for growing kids. (I had to goolge translate velcro in Mandarin. Heh)


I began sewing due to pure interest. It has been almost 5 years. I’m not the best seamstress and there’s definitely much room for improvement creatively, yet I’m so thankful for the recent features which provided a platform where I can share the things I love.

4 thoughts on “On National TV!

  1. May says:

    Happy New Year 2015 Tiffany! Hope you have been well. Congratulations to both you and Isabel for making it on national TV….that’s amazing, and glad to see you ladies well! Have a fabulous start to the year,

    • YX says:

      Blessed New Year to you too May! Sorry I couldn’t make it for the meetup last year as I was so busy with the baby. Have an amazing year ahead!


    • Tiffany says:

      Hi Sue Cheng, thank you for your kind words. I learned dressmaking from Kadomay but unfortunately my teacher has retired. You can try Fashion Makerspace. I have heard good reviews about them!


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