Tutorial: Baby Mittens

Baby mittens are probably the cutest stuff I’ve ever sewn. Babies wear mittens for the first few months to prevent them from scratch their faces as their nails are rather sharp. I did some window-shopping online and hey, they cost a few dollars, sometimes 10 over dollars for something so small, worn for only a few months. I just wouldn’t part with that money. Since I have lots of fabric scraps, I decided to make my own. I can choose my own prints, match them with my clothes (mommy-child outfit) and that saves me a lot of money.

Most of the tutorials online includes a flannel lining but I omitted that out as it is not practical in Singapore. Simple cotton ones will do for now. I also used elastic thread instead of elastic band for easy wearing.

You will need: cardboard/hard paper (cereal boxes are excellent choices), fabric, water soluable fabric marker, elastic thread and the usual sewing supplies.

1. Draw the template on the cardboard and cut it out. I’m using 4.5″ by 4.5″. I borrowed a mitten sample from a friend, traced it out, added seam allowance and ended up with this measurement. You may use a plate to guide you through the rounded portion or simply draw it free hand.

2. Using the fabric marker, trace out the template on the fabric. You need 4 pieces for 1 pair of mittens.

3. Cut out the shapes and overlock to neaten the edges.

4. Place the fabric right side to right side and sew around the U-edge, leaving approximately 2-3cm of allowance on the other end. This is to facilitate sewing on of elastic thread later on. I used the edge of the footer as a guide for my seam allowance.


5. Hand-wind the elastic thread on the bobbin as you wouldn’t want to stretch it. Fit it into the bobbin case and use normal thread at the top.


6. Adjust the stitch length to No. 4 or what you would programme for running stitch.


7. Using the markers on my machine, I used a 2cm allowance from the straight end and sew on the elastic thread along throughout.

8. Flip over the mitten inside out and stitch up the opening that you left in Step 4.

9. Trim off excess threads and you are good to go!

I’m really happy with how the mittens turn out because they are the only ones that can fit my baby’s tiny hands for now 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tutorial: Baby Mittens

    • YX says:

      Hi Isabelle, thanks for your interest but I’m not selling them yet as there’s still room for improvement 🙂 If you are looking for handmade mittens, you might like to try Etsy.

      • Isabelle says:

        Thanks for the reply, i shall look out for your updates then and appreciated the recommendation! 🙂

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