Tutorial: Buntings

Buntings make excellent decoration especially for birthday or wedding backdrop, or anywhere that needs a signage or words. I made some for the wedding and reused 1 of them for home.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 8.56.04 am

I also made 1 for my favourite boy who turned one last month.

You will need:
cardboard, pencil, fabric (scraps), ribbons, pinking shears/scissors, pins.

1. Cut a stencil out from the cardboard. The dimensions of my buntings are 21cm by 21cm. I used a cereal box for the stencil.

2. Using the stencil, trace out as many flags you need. If you only need one-sided bunting, cut out triangles. If you need 2 sided buntings, you need to cut out diamonds, folding at the base of the triangle.

3. Cut out the flags using pinking shears. Scissors work fine as well, if you prefer the straight edges.

4. Align the flags on the ribbon and pin in place. The length of the ribbon depends on the size of your flags and how many flags are there. I usually leave about an arm’s length of allowance on both ends.

5. Sew the sides of the flags.


6. Trim off any uneven sides using pinking shears.

7. For buntings with words, I followed the tutorial on Adventures in Dressmaking




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