The “Happy Birthday” Dress

“Dear I have no more clothes to wear!” I declared one morning. So I decided to sew something quick and comfortable for this everchanging body of mine. Plus I was getting real bored of my limited wardrobe selections.


The dress is modified from my basic bodice block Version X – I edited my bodice block countless times. This latest one is modified with larger darts and more allowance at the waist, hip and basically everywhere else. I simply drew an A-shape starting from the arm pit marking to the hem length I want.


Besides sewing something new for myself, I meant to clear my stash, albiet slowly. This gorgeous floral silk chiffon from Cho Nam, Hanoi has been in my stash for 3 years. It is extremely smooth to touch but not my best friend. It frays easily and runs on both my sewing machine and especially the serger, which is one of the reasons I procrastinate working with it. The fabric lined with plain black cotton, finished with concealed pink piping.

I thought the design is kind of boring. I have many of these shift dresses, in different fabrics. So I added some frills and non-functional gold buttons (from Troyes) for an additional touch. Bonus points for using my notion stash as well!


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