Fabric Shopping Overseas

I hoard fabrics and I enjoy buying fabrics overseas. I have bought quite a number of pieces from abroad and my favourite shops/fabric market can be found here. So what do I exactly look out for when buying fabrics?

1. Price
What attracts me most is the price, especially if it’s significantly more affordable than what I can get locally. The more affordable selections are mainly from my South-East Asia trips, such as those form Hanoi’s fabric market. Fabrics from Europe are generally more expensive due to the high amount of tax charged on non-food products.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t buy expensive fabric. I do, especially if they are of superb quality and unique, such as the Dior runway blush number I acquired from Troyes 2 years ago.

2. Made locally
Fabric made locally in whichever region I visit is always a plus point, especially when it contains cultural significance and such. Instead of buying souvenir items, I usually buy fabrics for myself. At the very least, I can declare that this piece of fabric is from this particular city and that. During my trip to Cambodia last year, I visited the silk farm founded by Artisan d’Angkor and purchased a gorgeous piece of Cambodian Silk at the end of the tour. They have a boutique that sells silk products – fabric, garments and such. It is in a lovely shade of Dazzling Blue, at USD18/m.

Now that I am planning for Europe in summer this year, I can’t wait to grab some goodies in Croatia and Berlin. I have yet to find any reliable information on fabric shopping in Croatia. If you have any recommendations, I would really love to find out more from you! As for Berlin, there seems to be more bloggers blogging about fabric shops in Berlin than 2 years ago when I last visited. I have shortlisted a few shops that I would like to check out in Berlin. Not having high hopes but I’m definitely looking forward!

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