Project 20ne – Cake Toppers


If there was ever to be a wedding cake at the wedding, the cake gotta be edible (and delicious). We decided to have a cake and it is baked by a very talented Samantha from LingerFingerr . We got the cake settled, now comes the cake toppers. I did a quick search online and didn’t fancy the commercial ones. I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me to make my own.

After some researching, I found some really lovely designs from Etsy such as the wooden bird toppers to suit the venue as we are holding the reception at the garden.

Source: via Samietra on Pinterest

I also fancied some of these cute wooden couples. I showed the fiancé and he said, “let’s make it!”

After some researching, we finally decided on the shorter torsos, rather than taller ones. These toppers are not difficult to make. The challenging part was to search for suitable materials,especially for the body. Initially we combed ArtFriend to look wooden dolls but they were not of suitable size. All we found were wooden structures like this:

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest


The fiancé decided to improvise by getting a wooden ball, and a cone like structure. Here are the list of materials that you will need:

2 wooden balls, we bought a 2.5″ one from Daiso

2 cardboard cones from ArtFriend

acrylic paint


craft glue

1. Give the face a white-wash. This covers up the wooden grooves.

2. Paint the face with the desired skin-colour.


3. Use a pencil to outline the eyes and hairlines.


4. Fill in the colours accordingly.

5. Repeat Steps 2-3 for the body. The designs for the head and body are pretty much up to your preferences and creativity: hair colour, parting, choice of outfit etc. I cut a small piece of tulle for the veil and attached some faux pearls for the necklace and hairband.

6. Attach the head to the body using craft glue. And voila!

*As the cone was hollow and could not support the weight on the cake, we found a bottle cap of a suitable size, wrap it in aluminium foil and secured the toppers on the cap with craft glue.

Paul & Tiffany 042

Here’s our chocolate cake with earl grey frosting topped with the topper for upper tier, dried edible roses for the lower tier. Yumyum! I love it that it is a combination of some of our favourite things 🙂

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